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Customer Testimonials

"We booked an all-inclusive through Lori. We have booked many vacations on our own in the past and decided we would try out this lovely lady. We are so glad we did! She gave us wonderful advice and steered us in the right direction. Everything was organized worry-free for the same price as it would have been to book ourselves.


Thank you for all your helpful tips and wonderful service Lori!


We loved Cuba!"

-Bambi Rusnak Bodie

"I was very impressed with how Lori was able to find a beautiful resort within our budget, but I was most pleased with how she convinced us to purchase Elite Plus. I have never travelled before so I wasn't sure I really needed it... But it was VERY worth the extra money! With such a busy airline such as Sunwing, we were able to skip 200+ people in line!


Thank you Lori for your expertise!!"

-Cathy Ross

"Hi Lori,

You are AMAZING!!!


I can't thank you enough! You made this whole wedding planning so much smoother and less stressful! I couldn't imagine if I had to do it on my own!!! Some of my guests also said how much they loved dealing with you!!

Thanks again!"

-Stephanie Robillard

Terri Hushion

Lori is our hero! My husband had a medical emergency on day three of fourteen in the resort we were staying south of Playa del Carmen. We knew we would have to be flying directly home sooner than the end of our holiday. I put in a call to her and , bless her, she just said LEAVE IT WITH ME. And boy did she deliver! He was released from the hospital and we were able to go directly to the airport and home. Lori went above and beyond and took that stress off me. Thank you Lori!

Thank you so much for this review and i am so glad it all worked out ok!

"We booked our trip to New Orleans through Lori and were very impressed with how everything was handled. From our flights and hotel to our transfers. Awesome job, will definitely be using them for our next trip!!!"

-Jen Osbourne

"Marja was instrumental in helping me plan my trip to Europe.

Her vast knowledge of all things European and especially her encouragement went a long way to making my trip extremely memorable!"


-Kathy Stead

(Kathy was a guest on Cosmos' "Treasures of France" guided Tour)

"Lori was very helpful in finding my family a great deal to attend a destination wedding. When circumstances wouldn't allow us to attend, she was fabulous in securing a refund for us. Thanks so much!"

-Tegan McMartin

"I've been delighted with Mountain High's service over the years; always professional, knowledgeable and capable...Thanks!"

-Duncan Maisels

Mow and Snow Land Care Inc. Fernie

"In November, I went with my 2 daughters to INDIA for a wedding. Mountain High travel helped us plan a 10 day trip which included a 4 day tour of the Golden Triangle and then 3 days in the north for the wedding. She made all the arrangements with an Indian tour company and our trip went without a hitch. We could never have achieved this on our own and it was an experience of a lifetime."

-Anne Majic

"I have booked with Mountain High Travel for over 15 years. 100% service. All bookings done correct and with

good connecting flights. Hands-on booking is the only way to go. While travelling, I have seen hundreds of problems

with self and online reservations. Some disasters. I traveled to the South Pacific a lot and think booking through a reputable

agency like Mountain High Travel is the way to go. They stick to good airlines and know what they are doing.

Airlines don't wait for you if your flight is booked wrong and you loose because you need to pay for a new ticket and hotel.

With Mountain High you win!"


-Lawrence Self

"Mountain High Travel & Tours has been the best travel agency I have come across.


We used them for a large booking for a wedding a couple years ago. Everything went smoothly. We had a miscommunication with the resort upon arrival, called Lori and had everything sorted out promptly! If you need travel insurance, flights, packages or transportation they will help you out!"

-Stephanie Keller

Hi Lori!


Clint & I are back from Jamaica… :)


Although the flight was long, it was well worth it. We had to wait an extra hour in Toronto due to a delay, for a total of 4 hours layover. By the time we got to the resort, I think it was about 7:30 pm Jamaica time. We were ready for a shower and something to eat, then bed.


When we finally arrived at the resort (after a very scary ride from the airport…), the front desk guy was wonderful. He brought us a drink right away, and moved our room to one of the rooms close to the beach. We were on the ground floor, right across from where we always hung out at the beach. The view from our room was amazing.


We had a wonderful time there! The resort was beautiful, it was so nice that it was in Bloody Bay, there were no big waves, the water was calm and clear. We swam in it every day. On Christmas Day, we took a catamaran trip to Rick's Café, and stopped to snorkel and swim in a cave on the way there. What an amazing thing to see! All those brave people just jumping off the cliffs! Wow. So glad we went there.


The food was always good at the resort, although we never managed to reserve seating at an a la carte restaurant… it was always booked up. We didn't mind, though. The buffet had more than enough to keep us entertained. I loved the dessert with the little bananas in it!!!


The people were all very friendly, and always helpful. My new favorite drink is a "Rainbow", with a bit of rum, of course. :) I did manage to try lots of other kinds too, and they were all pretty good.


We went shopping at Time Square, and bought lots of souveniers. Jamaicans really love the tourists! Good thing we brought lots of small bills, everyone wanted a tip!


We are very happy you found us this resort, after flying over Montego Bay, I can see how this was a much better choice. It was pretty quiet where we were.


Anyway, just wanted to thank you for setting this up for us. We had a wonderful time, and will remember it always. Now its back to work for us, we have to pay for the trip! I would definitely recommend this resort, as well as Mountain High Travel to do all of the arranging! :)


Thanks again Lori,

-Lisa & Clint

"Thanks for the booking .


Was such a fantastic trip, we had a great time!"


Thanks again,


-Jon & Diane

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